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Thanks for getting curious about me - this will not be your typical bio.  If you want the 3rd person, official version of it and my proper headshot, email me and I'm more than happy to send it to you in its entirety (seriously - try it).  Instead of talking that much about me, I would rather know a little about you.  

Have you every really thought about how in the expanse of the world things always seem to just fall into place?  Or the heavens needed a little pick me up and the joke was on you for the day?  Maybe that something so small was the reason you kept walking that day.   You're not the only one.   Sometimes I think we get too caught up in the logistics of things - like how many degrees someone has or where all they have walked - that we miss the messages that the universe is providing for us. There are many lessons if we are willing to utilize our senses and embrace the energy around us. And what better to learn from that what we see and experience.

My name is Amina S. McIntyre and I am a Creative Worship Artist who uses writing, performing and preaching to relay inspiration messages. I have been through several colleges (shout out to Colby, IU, Spalding and Emory) and have traveled around the world, though not as much as I have hoped.   There is so much that I do, mostly surrounding writing plays and devotionals, performing monologues, planning retreats, doing social media and ministering to people.  My favorite color is blue and I love large bodies of water - they calm me.  I have the craziest allergies you can think of (still the biggest foodie you could imagine)  and I love to travel. 

Feel free to tell me about you, use the comment section below. Or, have me come out and let's talk face to face.  I like tea and pastries - I also enjoy just having good conversation.  

Until then, strive for your inner peace, it'll lead to your outer praise.

<3 ASM